Key To Display
Displayed when system is on mains power and working OK. No water flowing through system.
Displayed when system is on mains power and working OK. Water flowing through system.

Displayed when the water used has exceeded dial limits or has been on for longer than 1-hour without a pause.
Displayed when the temperature of the pipes is at the point of freezing. Water is automatically turned-off.

Water can not be manually turned on until the temperature has risen to above freezing.

Displayed when the temperature has risen above freezing. The water can now been manually turned on.
Displayed when dial is turned to the above mode. Only 1-Litre of water will be allowed to flow in one instance.
Displayed when over 1-litre of water has been used in one instance.
Displayed when (Optional Extra) remote sensors have detected presence of water. System will automatically shut the water off.
Displayed when the button has been pressed. Water is turned off.
Displayed when you press and hold the remote button (Optional Extra), for over 3-seconds, will allow water to flow for 30-minutes without triggering an alarm condition. After 30-minutes the system will revert to normal settings.
Displayed automatically after 6-months of operation or if you press and hold (for 3-seconds), the button on the control unit. Display will remain as above until water is detected.
Displayed when the control unit has not been able to shut the water off successfully. Please call or support department for assistance.
Displayed when the control unit has been off mains power for a long period of time and battery is about to fail. System will automatically turn the water off. (Fail safe). Water will automatically be turned back on, when mains power is resumed. The battery will automatically be re-charged.
Displayed when no water flow has been detected for over 5-days. This function will not operate when in HOLIDAY mode.

If after turning the water on, the display stays the same, please call our support number.

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