Automatically shut mains water off if a pipe bursts or a leak occurs  
DIY installation

No professional qualification required

No Special tools required to fit unit

Simple setup of system Dial used to select mode
Automatic frost protection

Water will automatically be turned off if there is a strong chance the pipes may freeze

Easy button press to turn water on & off No need to operate hard to reach stop-cocks
Automatic self testing No servicing required
Battery back-up Ensures continued operation during power-cuts
Simple Easy-To-Understand display Digital Display used to indicate status
Audible Alarm Unique sound for each type of alarm
Automatically turn auxiliary equipment off Can be linked to older central heating systems so that there is no damage to the boiler if the water supply is lost
Alarm call As an optional extra the unit can be set to call you to inform you of a leak
Option to add a further valve to header tank outlet  
External Sensor As an optional extra a remote water sensor that can be placed near a potential leak and is linked via Radio Technology so no wires are required
PIR detection As an optional extra a movement sensor can be linked so that when nobody is home ‘Water-Gate’ automatically switches to holiday mode
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